shit tests

i’ve just read an insteresting post on roissy’s blog:

The most liberating take-away from a few months of digesting the site, as well as some of the applied tips, is just not giving a shit anymore.

Ever since I’ve focused inward (on myself) as opposed to outward (on the fluttering pussy), my quality of life has exponentially increased, as has access to a variety of the aforementioned pussy.

There are also a few tricks I still need to play in order to get over the betaesque impulse to pedestalize and disqualify myself, but it’s becoming a lot more natural. For example:

1.) Any time I sense myself placing a would-be princess on a pedestal on account of her youthful charms and tight booty, I just picture her getting gang-banged with multiple cocks in every orifice – and loving it. This usually reboots me back to the driver’s seat of getting her panties wet to begin with. (I believe this was a commenter’s tip on a previous pots – hats off, sir!)

2.) Constantly reminding myself that they want to be the ones impressing me, and not the other way around. In a new crowd, divulge only necessary information and assert myself.

3.) Most importantly – never, ever be afraid to walk away to prove your worth. Classic DHV. The pussy is a dime a dozen, and not worth compromising yourself for. Just like the kitty, it always comes back, the very next day…

Cheers to you senor, as well as the community of well researched readers for keeping the goods coming!

I just loved the second one so much! Think about it, that’s what shit tests are fore, because beta males will put up with just about any number of flaws in a  woman so she is testing for that. If you truly want to be good with woman in an sort of alfa way just attack the flaws(coz she has them for shure) but in a playful manner so not to loose her.

“are you going to kiss me?”-you: i don’t think i want to coz….(playfully)

“i don’t think you are good enough for me” -you: i’m so sorry to have waisted your time princess

On a more philosofical note:

So i drew the conclusion  that shit tests are like self confidence in that they have 3 layers: the external, superficial one( the word and body language)  which you can fake to some extent by learning a lot of shit test. The second one, which is more like your social value, this is dictated by what your interactions normally are. And third is actual innergame. Sometimes you just don’t give a shit. These 3 layers cover each other and i believe just learning shit test won’t do, i’ve been called incongruent for this very fact.

I don’t think this is a very good conclusion though

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self opening girls….

me: hi, can i say something?

her: is it about my hat? its not strange is it?

me:yes(vague)……no………..(long pause)……..nice hair(blond joke)

#this is daygame btw

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tom cruise the pick up instructor

i bet you’ve never seen it, i bet the movie makes it seam like a bad thing but we all know its good shit and funny as heck. reminds me of jeffi a lot, might be a Californian thing….dono

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just watch this first:

This is my first post about feminism and douche-bags and whatnot. Just to make this clear, i dont side with the guy. I never lived my life like this but reading a lot of roissy’s blog….whell it’s starting to make sense.

First of all, if this is such a clinical procedure, why is the fatty allowed to bitch and whine so much. He didn’t steal the money from her, she gave it to him willingly. So why oh why does she play the emotional victim here? She full well knew she couldn’t keep him hanging around her on her looks. I mean just look at her!!!! i read a few of the comments and this one just jumped at me” Just admit she’s got meatier arms than Popeye!”… true.

The dude is stupid as well, he says that he doesn’t think he owes the money. That is his defense! I’m not one to talk, i don’t find it cool to take money from women and i wouldn’t touch her with a pole, but why oh why did you sign that shitty document if you didn’t think you owe  her that???? I bet he thought he was the shit listening to the new eminem album in his brand new truck….”yeah, i’m the shit” but you’re not my friend you don’t have her in check.

I love the bit at the end where her fat friend says “she’s an emotional wreck, he deserved it” yeah……that’s what it’s all about! The judge sympathized with her coz she played the victim, she got dumped so she deserves money, so what if he spent money on her fat worthless ass, she’s a woman and she deserves more.

All women deserve more right? Why is that? Because the world is 90% beta male(not saying that dudes an alpha) and some scrawny 120 pound man is going to get her flowers and buy her dinner later on. So what if shes fat an worthless, she has 1 pussy and 1 is more then the scrawny guy got so far? She sucked dick in collage but she’s changed now!

…..what a joke!

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psycho girl

ok quick post here.

If you’ve ever had approach anxiety because you thought  you were going to creep her out with what you were going to say…..i just met a girl that was creeping me out big time. How? I’m going to bold everything that she sayed. read it again tell me it’s not scary.

…..well. The pick up started normally and i made a comment about gays. She says “I LIKE GAYS, I HAVE 2 GAY FRIENDS” i make a joke that she likes them because they don’t try to fuck her. She says “BUT I TRIED TO FUCK THEM”.


I end up in a dhv telling her i had a make out session with 2 bisexual girls. It works….whatever. BUT THEN SHE WANTS TO PUT MAKE UP ON ME  and i’m like ok,….but we have to do it standing, i grab her, tell her this is the only way her lipstick is going on my lips and go for a kiss…, whatever. We then go light chat and SHE SHOWS ME PHOTOS OF HER PET RAAAAAAAAAAAT(good thing i didn’t kiss her right?=)) )

This is a normal looking girl,  and i could not say shit to creep her out……..i will not doubt myself for a while i think. I must mention i WAS trying to screw up the pickup

p.s. you can troll me if you want but i want comments:)

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fore-brain Vs. hind-brain

Why do i fall for easy(read slutty) girls? that’s what this is all about…me:)

Krauser (who is like god to me only with a strange accent) has a routine he uses on girls  he tells them that their fore-brain tells them he is bad for them but the hind-brain finds him dominant, and male, and desirable and that the fight is always going to be won by the hind-brain. This is basically NLP telling them its ok to like him but its also true.

I was using this routine on a girl when i was struck by the answer to all my questions: snaaaaaaaaap, that’s what my brain is doing.

fore-brain: she is bad, she will hurt you.

hind-brain: she is sexual, this is what you like, go for it.

who wins? :> hind-brain obviously! I just probably say to myself that shes nice it’s just my imagination, or that i’ll be alright just this once. and you know what i am getting more and more alright…..but thats not the point. SO, WHAT CAN YOU DO?…you,the reader if you are found in this spot. simple:

1. get experience, don’t just listen to your female friends saying shes a hore and let that be that. Go for what you want, its none of their business, they just want you to be a chode friend! You want your weaner sucked not talked to by girl friends. With time you will KNOW she’s not that hot and also not as dangerous as you saw her.(paul janka says he keeps the girls in a sort of anty-room if they are not behaving….this is sort of relevant)

2. Be her first choice, if you are not then you are in trouble. well not her first but at least her first then and there. Try to look good, her type if you can. Don’t chode about as well whining and bitching…..this is my problem:)

3.Be just as confidant about your sexuality as she is. How can you do that? Assanova was right! Most chicks just suck in bed, we men thin about this every second since we are 10 and watch the first porn movie. They don’t! They just brag and boast but in the end there are no porn stars in your local McDonald’s. You are just as good as they are no mater what they say.

4. Let her invest first.  Don’t go into it with expectations they don’t, they even joke about it. This is sort of a sticking point for me.

5. try to keep her in line and be a REALIST about what is happening please! don’t imagine your whole relationship together.

There is no reason you can’t have a relationship with them, i’m not talking about a trashy whore. They are most of the time ambitious brave girls with hobbies and hopes.

Don’t take my word for it.I still haven’t got it all straight

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braking report

“people have a tendency to chase braking report” heard that in the jeffy show and for some reason it stuck. To prove it if a person just says “hi” to you on the street and walks away you will want to chase him.

Why is this the title of a post you ask. I just thought it was fitting for my story. I was suppose to meat the little blond in a cheap club last Saturday  with my best friend and her best friend, knowing how she likes to say that she owes me nothing because i am not her boyfriend i knew she was going to be late so i just met my friend for a pint in a nearby pub like usual. It’s our night after-all we are bringing the fun not them. 1 hour late she calls telling me to meat outside the club and what do i see?…she brought 2 chodes again even though she said she wouldn’t. I’m not phased we are in the zone, we even got approached by a bar host girl wanting our numbers.

We go in,  grab some drinks, do our thing. She sits next to me and we talk for a bit but then she wanders off, i see her with a dude who works at this bar who i will call bar chode in this article, i can see he likes her a lot and she is not stupid, she knows. I am pissed, does she think that i’m some dude who keeps her company when it suites her. NO! I’m cooler then this, i’m not going to compete with him, so i get up and open a set right next to her.

It’s 3 girls, i pick the best one and open “i know you are a natural blond but how do you paint the roots black?” she offers token resistance.

her: thats mean

me:not really i was just being silly

She lights up and i’m into her now but i come clean that i want to make my gf jealous and she laughs, she is a quaint girl so i know she won’t help me with some crazy shit so i just switch back to normal conversation. I tell her shes hot and that i think she’s 17. Im surprised when she tells me shes 24 and its her birthday( i try to go for birthday shots but i chode out half way……that would have been a good kiss close importunity but i was still stuck on blondy). When she told me she was 24 i was so surprised i didn’t notice it was like “oh i’m older then you” so when i say i’m 25 shes shocked and we both do a knowing nod of “we’re both hot huh?!” I know this is a hight so i say i will see her later.

Blondy is at the table and i get scolded a bit i think but we launch into talking and flirting for the first time that night. IT ALL LOOKS OK TO ME!

What happens next it worthy of a south American drama, i dance with the group a bit and i’m all goofy and dorky which  is new for me but then blondy is gone again so i take a chode to the 3 set and use him as a prop. The girl is into me for no reason whatsoever  and tells me to leave with them for a new club i say i cant and she understands and i take her mail account. I know blondy is at the bathroom and running 15 mins late…..i’m already mad but when i see that she is in the bar chodes arms and he is kissing her ear i snap, i know shes crying but i don’t give a dam, she is making a monkey out of me.  I see her try to kiss her and then say “BYEEEE!” then i’ve been told she burst into tears even worse….

What really happened with her: she went out with us 4 dudes in bar and her boyfriend who she sayd she hates saw us flirting and broke up with her, she then chased after him but he wouldn’t hear her. PEOPLE HAVE A TENDENCY TO CHASE BRAKING REPORT!!!!! She was fine inviting me to her dorm room, making out with me and being naked …..i blew a fuck close. I know i suck i’m not ready to tell you about it…..must learn more this is my new goul.

This shit is lost for sure! To bad it was a really hot girl with a strong sexual vibe. I know she might call me back, it happened before but it this blond haired little devil must be kept in check …..they all do from now on. I must also find out why i still feel that i love these easy girls……will make a post about what i think it is next

here it a picture of the girl i picked up. I cant muster  enough emotion for her, talked to her…. shes the relationship type, won’t pull on my cock in a week like blondy, i think……….i have no faith in my game do i? =)) ……yes she will man yes she will

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double head-shot

It’s been a week of not gaming,  really hard, i was begging my friend ” please come on go to them, do what i told you” nothing, i’ve been keeping worm with dozines of small interactions with EVERYONE i see, waitress, cashiers, flayer girls.
Problem was i invested in the girl i picked up last w/e. I thought that she was cute, smart and i like her determination. She has a show on a radio channel from what i can tell and i have issues with carrier motivation(i was  a stock trader from like 20 and switched to forex at 23. Made a bit of a fortune and lost it all when my mother got pensioned and realized i had quit collage  and the crisis hit. By the end of 09 i had no money left, and seriously thought about quitting life all together)……sorry bout that, quite the side note isn’t it?

Back to game. The initial interaction went aces but all through the week she gave me hell: cold, bitter, out for my balls. I just couldn’t figure it out! It’s finally the w/e and i know this is the right time to take it further with her, i calmed my nerves set a plan to finger fuck her, i know im good at that so why not use that to get my mojo back. I call her, tell her it’s going to be “you and me”  but i get a flake. Shes asleep and i back,  of tell her that im going out if she wants she can come.

It works and she calls back 2 hours later. We meet at the subway station but instead of my date what do i see? Her best friend and a chode are with her. OH FUCK YOU! NO YOU DIDN’T!(turns out that her friend is there to keep her in check not me!…….loooool, she cant help but want me). From the start i want to impose alfa frame, i just grab her and she pulls away really had. So i back of to figure it out. Her friend is on the phone and the chode is  giving the most hateful looks i’ve ever seen. Boyfriend? no…..thats not right, he clearly has a crush on her and hates my guts. They decide to go on a bicile trip for the day and the chode is all alfa and in my face ” i know where the bikes  are i’ll leade you” so i back off and let him fuck it up. The girls clealy know whats going on. They say we shouldn’t fight and i say that theres no reason to say that im not going to do that( im not going to chase her like he is).

For the rest of the evening i let him struggle and get worked up over her, i’m not invested in this shit, i wanted a date plus its fun to mess with him. I remember what assanova says, that the funny guy always wins so i tray that and he is just  pissed and in denial that they are both laughing at my silly jokes i can almost her him think: “oh come on, eagle just wants to get in your pants, don’t laugh at his stupid jokes, im better dressed then he is better looking, i even qualifed myself all day” . I pitty the guy hes to young to know, i used to be the same way at his age, thought that i looked good and i deserved a gf just by doing nothing. We you do buddy but thoze girls are usually ugly.

I feel really bad for the guy, one time she even tells him ” hey dude why are you so quiet? you used to be more fun”….auch, she knows he likes her but she still messes with him. I invite them over to but i get rejected so i walk them off to the station and tell them to leave me alone with her for 5 minutes and i’ll give her back. They leave and she jumps strait for the kiss but i stop her and tell her she has to invest and take a risk or i can’t do a thing with her  and ask her to tell me honestly that she has a bf. She says yes and no. Clearly she is confused, and this is why she gave me shit, because she wants me but feels guilty for it. So i say no problem, i don’t know if shes the one for me kiss her fast and strong and send her on her way.

CONCLUSIONS:i fucked over 2 dudes in one go, this is payback for all the times i’ve been done over. I feel i’m on the right path now at least. Funny wins most of the time as long as you have rapport. Don’t qualify by competing with another guy you are only going to be as good as him in her eyes, just show you can  walk away.

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ok……….here i go

As i keep reminding you guys, i’m not the best of PUAs but i came up with a theory here. I’m going to start by first telling you how i came about it.

I was sitting on my john thinking where i went wrong with my life and inevitably i stumbled a pone my problem of turning consistent pick ups into consistent fuck….WHAT THE FUCK IS THE PROBLEM! It feels like its a little tiny sliver of a crack that i just cant seem to fill. But then it came like all good ideas on the john: what if its not us……………i’ll tell you what that gap is,  its …..rape! no no no it is.

We know that the girls like us, we are SURE of it, but we have to wait for the ok,  its the only thing we can’t go around, even as PUAs, go for the fuck without the ok and you are raping her, even if she likes you. Forget pick up, sex is always going to be a trade for value, at least in my mind. Yes, there is last minute resistance after that, a splash of “i’m not a slut” a dab of “i’m just a one night stand for him” but that comes AFTER she decides she want you because you are higher value.

So just make sure she knows you are fit(even if you are make sure she knows) and bold and whatever you think she values before you ever make your sale pitch to her, coz that all it is. THE GAP BETWEEN PICK UP AND SEX IS THEIR CHOICE!

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my first logged pick up

hello felaz, i just thought it would be funny to make a comment like one of krauser’s posts about my w/e. keep in mind i’m not a writer, am not an English speaker

and i am a very lazy pua.
Saturday night i go out for a pint with a friend, its getting late and i’m disappointed with the way we choded around so i see 3 girls walking the other way on the street and push him into them,  it isn’t funny for them but it is for me.  let them pass and i convince my friend to approach with me talking at the same time:)). we do that and they say we suck. I don’t care so i let him isolate 2 of them and i look at my target and go like RSD timmy says: “daaaam, that’s for me, there is no way this isn’t going down tonight”.I reopen her using ross jeffrie’s opener “if you see someone stealing something on the street, would you turn him in?”

Apparently she has already told me her name but i didn’t hear it and she is shit-testing me hard i say that i will show her something and if it impresses her she will tell me again. I do the Cube and  she wants a toy horse in her room…..fuuuuuck, no real man huh. Her name is Alex, a cute short blond with short hair and blue eyes….not perfect but a clear 7-8 by my standards(im a procrastinator). At this point i really wasn’t into her so i went crazy and started asking for a kiss every 5 seconds( on the cheek but its vague in my language) and when she refuses like in rsd timmys videos i go ” but u cant refuse me, ill be sad” i do this all through the night. It’s the theme of the night, my friend says that i was scaring him with it and her friends thought i was a douch out as well….oh well.

we  bounce them to a nearby like pub where they specialize in water pipes and because she was giving me a hard time i stop talking to one of her friends who was a darling 17 yo that ran away from home for the day, really funny told jokes all night and was witty as fuck and we chat for 10-15 mins. She does not brake eye contact once and i was like”daaaam i picked the wrong target”.  I reengage with my HB8 Blondie and she is all soft now, accepting hugs and me keeping my arm around her neck at all times……niiiiice.( I suck at kino escalation reeeellllly badly so this is the first touch, straight to the neck lock) I tell her that i will stop asking now and she tells me and she says ” i don’t mind but you were moving to fast”……..ho snap

It’s already 1 A.M. and we all go to the park where my friend helps me isolate. I’ve got my hand around her neck and she has one around my waist we fall back from the group and i tell :
me: i’m going to kiss you tonight
her: smiles* you think!
me: i know( i really do) i will dominate you and you will love it
her: no that’s not going to happen
me:you misunderstand, its not violence! its a man’s job to lead and let the girl do what she wants to do(i ran a nlp story telling her she can do what she wants) its like dancing! i’ve tried to be like this before but i always chicken out of it. not now!!
5 mins later i get total isolation and she is into it, i even cup a feel.

the rest of the night is more of the same, we go see the people’s palace for the 17yo who has never seen it and i pull HB back for more action. I tell her that i have to punish her by tying her to the bed, gagged and blindfolded her and smear honey…….and put ants on her(shes scared of insects) and she is into it, even asks me “your place or mine” but i’m to tired to reciprocate(4 at night) and i know its not going to happen(bad logistics, i dont have a place, I’ve never done this, and its to soon for my game). walk them back to the campus take the number and go.

I debrief with my friend: apparently she has a BF who was calling her all night, true i saw that but i was ploughing so i didn’t notice. My friend has no idea what i did, nor do her friends…….excellent isolation.

I so want to screw her, but i haven’t had much action in my life and don’t have a place to take her(live with parents). Plus i text-ed her and she didn’t answer yet. And i’m going into chode mode: oh i don’t have a job, oh i really like her(thats so stupid concidering she is actually an easy girl playing hard)
I really have to come out tell her i want her and don’t care about the bf……krauser stile. ADVICE???????????

big tank you to krauser, assanova, turner, roissy, wonka……big inspiration guys

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