my first logged pick up

hello felaz, i just thought it would be funny to make a comment like one of krauser’s posts about my w/e. keep in mind i’m not a writer, am not an English speaker

and i am a very lazy pua.
Saturday night i go out for a pint with a friend, its getting late and i’m disappointed with the way we choded around so i see 3 girls walking the other way on the street and push him into them,  it isn’t funny for them but it is for me.  let them pass and i convince my friend to approach with me talking at the same time:)). we do that and they say we suck. I don’t care so i let him isolate 2 of them and i look at my target and go like RSD timmy says: “daaaam, that’s for me, there is no way this isn’t going down tonight”.I reopen her using ross jeffrie’s opener “if you see someone stealing something on the street, would you turn him in?”

Apparently she has already told me her name but i didn’t hear it and she is shit-testing me hard i say that i will show her something and if it impresses her she will tell me again. I do the Cube and  she wants a toy horse in her room…..fuuuuuck, no real man huh. Her name is Alex, a cute short blond with short hair and blue eyes….not perfect but a clear 7-8 by my standards(im a procrastinator). At this point i really wasn’t into her so i went crazy and started asking for a kiss every 5 seconds( on the cheek but its vague in my language) and when she refuses like in rsd timmys videos i go ” but u cant refuse me, ill be sad” i do this all through the night. It’s the theme of the night, my friend says that i was scaring him with it and her friends thought i was a douch out as well….oh well.

we  bounce them to a nearby like pub where they specialize in water pipes and because she was giving me a hard time i stop talking to one of her friends who was a darling 17 yo that ran away from home for the day, really funny told jokes all night and was witty as fuck and we chat for 10-15 mins. She does not brake eye contact once and i was like”daaaam i picked the wrong target”.  I reengage with my HB8 Blondie and she is all soft now, accepting hugs and me keeping my arm around her neck at all times……niiiiice.( I suck at kino escalation reeeellllly badly so this is the first touch, straight to the neck lock) I tell her that i will stop asking now and she tells me and she says ” i don’t mind but you were moving to fast”……..ho snap

It’s already 1 A.M. and we all go to the park where my friend helps me isolate. I’ve got my hand around her neck and she has one around my waist we fall back from the group and i tell :
me: i’m going to kiss you tonight
her: smiles* you think!
me: i know( i really do) i will dominate you and you will love it
her: no that’s not going to happen
me:you misunderstand, its not violence! its a man’s job to lead and let the girl do what she wants to do(i ran a nlp story telling her she can do what she wants) its like dancing! i’ve tried to be like this before but i always chicken out of it. not now!!
5 mins later i get total isolation and she is into it, i even cup a feel.

the rest of the night is more of the same, we go see the people’s palace for the 17yo who has never seen it and i pull HB back for more action. I tell her that i have to punish her by tying her to the bed, gagged and blindfolded her and smear honey…….and put ants on her(shes scared of insects) and she is into it, even asks me “your place or mine” but i’m to tired to reciprocate(4 at night) and i know its not going to happen(bad logistics, i dont have a place, I’ve never done this, and its to soon for my game). walk them back to the campus take the number and go.

I debrief with my friend: apparently she has a BF who was calling her all night, true i saw that but i was ploughing so i didn’t notice. My friend has no idea what i did, nor do her friends…….excellent isolation.

I so want to screw her, but i haven’t had much action in my life and don’t have a place to take her(live with parents). Plus i text-ed her and she didn’t answer yet. And i’m going into chode mode: oh i don’t have a job, oh i really like her(thats so stupid concidering she is actually an easy girl playing hard)
I really have to come out tell her i want her and don’t care about the bf……krauser stile. ADVICE???????????

big tank you to krauser, assanova, turner, roissy, wonka……big inspiration guys

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10 Responses to my first logged pick up

  1. willy wonka says:

    Gotta have the logistics planned out. She asked you “your place or mine?” Sounds like you had it in thebag, but missed out cuz of logistics

  2. krauserpua says:

    Keep it up, pal. You’ll find your “voice” in your writing style. Blogging is a good way to analyse your own game.

    • eaglem says:

      im serious krauser, should i go on a date re-escalate and then come out say that i think(know) she has a bf but its a natural thing that i want her. plan for a nlp or smth?i didn’t feal her up much coz i was scared to blow it, but now i regret coz id be further along.

  3. eaglem says:

    she did answer txt interaction:
    me this morning: hey i just thought of a nick name for you….bla bla
    her 9:46P.M.: good evening mister Eagle, wazap?are you ….looking forward to kissing me?(fuck yeah) but no im not going to say that
    me: of corce not, from now you have to pay, i take cash and credit, there’s no free meal here. i might let you on credit coz you have blue eyes but that’s it.
    her: you don’t even believe that so you send me off to bed
    me: yes i do, but you are much worse, you’ll tie me to the bed and rob me of my dignity first chance you get, i know how girls are, specially the Blondies…real mantraps.(im setting her as the aggressor)

    • eaglem says:

      her: im not going to sleep with you if that’s what you think
      me:good thing you told me, i was wasting my time:) relax, i woldnt tell you to do that trough text, not like this one at least( i’m reeeeeeeeealy disappointed in this text) so i go balls to the walls:
      i’ve just finished working out i’m wearing just my shorts, sweat is dripping down my body. what are you wearing? be crative
      her: a bikini
      me: then go make me a sandwich and put some clothes on…..pushhhhhh
      her: go make it yourself, and im not putting anything on……fuck
      me: i’m off to bed, kiss

  4. krauserpua says:

    Sounds like you’re going too strong on the asshole game and it’s not congruent nor is there enough attraction and comfort to pull it off. I wouldn’t worry – it takes time to calibrate these things.
    Please work a little on making the text easier to read. I don’t mean the English. Just use formating, paragraphs and line spacing more creatively.

  5. eduard koopman says:

    Hi, to give my view.

    What I read, is that you’re constantly breaking rapport with your sms. While she is trying to make more rapport.
    AT this stage you’re in, with this girl. I consider it counterproductive to do that. It works when You’ve already been intimate together, but to do it when sex hasn’t happened yet, seems stupid to me.

    At these points, I would have gone creating more rapport. By telling her yes, or adding some sexual text I want to do to her, or suggesting a time to meetup:
    * “her 9:46P.M.: good evening mister Eagle, wazap?are you ….looking forward to kissing me?”
    * “her: im not going to sleep with you if that’s what you think”

    • eaglem says:

      i saw your comment last night and I kind of agree with it and disagree at the same time.
      First the agreeing part: you made me realize that i loose most of my girlfriends because i brake report a lot. The first message you mentioned, the one where she asks about a kiss is a standard technique from back in the day when i learned the Mistery method. Its not a bad idea there, considering i didn’t even believe i would get to fuck her. At least it’s unconventional in the eyes of a normal girl. To me kissing is just as much a target as fucking so if i’ve kissed her once i can tease her about it.

      The second one is kind of bad i know….

      The disagreeing part: I can’t just go for an F-close coz i don’t have the logistics down, usually i’m contempt with just twisting her mind and making her really interested. I know this is not good game but….if you fuck her what changes really? do you just wanna fuck her once? coz if you are looking for a bit of long term its good to keep her guessing.

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