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tom cruise the pick up instructor

i bet you’ve never seen it, i bet the movie makes it seam like a bad thing but we all know its good shit and funny as heck. reminds me of jeffi a lot, might be a Californian thing….dono Advertisements

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just watch this first: This is my first post about feminism and douche-bags and whatnot. Just to make this clear, i dont side with the guy. I never lived my life like this but reading a lot of roissy’s blog….whell … Continue reading

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psycho girl

ok quick post here. If you’ve ever had approach anxiety because you thought  you were going to creep her out with what you were going to say…..i just met a girl that was creeping me out big time. How? I’m … Continue reading

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fore-brain Vs. hind-brain

Why do i fall for easy(read slutty) girls? that’s what this is all about…me:) Krauser (who is like god to me only with a strange accent) has a routine he uses on girls  he tells them that their fore-brain tells … Continue reading

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braking report

“people have a tendency to chase braking report” heard that in the jeffy show and for some reason it stuck. To prove it if a person just says “hi” to you on the street and walks away you will want … Continue reading

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