braking report

“people have a tendency to chase braking report” heard that in the jeffy show and for some reason it stuck. To prove it if a person just says “hi” to you on the street and walks away you will want to chase him.

Why is this the title of a post you ask. I just thought it was fitting for my story. I was suppose to meat the little blond in a cheap club last Saturday  with my best friend and her best friend, knowing how she likes to say that she owes me nothing because i am not her boyfriend i knew she was going to be late so i just met my friend for a pint in a nearby pub like usual. It’s our night after-all we are bringing the fun not them. 1 hour late she calls telling me to meat outside the club and what do i see?…she brought 2 chodes again even though she said she wouldn’t. I’m not phased we are in the zone, we even got approached by a bar host girl wanting our numbers.

We go in,  grab some drinks, do our thing. She sits next to me and we talk for a bit but then she wanders off, i see her with a dude who works at this bar who i will call bar chode in this article, i can see he likes her a lot and she is not stupid, she knows. I am pissed, does she think that i’m some dude who keeps her company when it suites her. NO! I’m cooler then this, i’m not going to compete with him, so i get up and open a set right next to her.

It’s 3 girls, i pick the best one and open “i know you are a natural blond but how do you paint the roots black?” she offers token resistance.

her: thats mean

me:not really i was just being silly

She lights up and i’m into her now but i come clean that i want to make my gf jealous and she laughs, she is a quaint girl so i know she won’t help me with some crazy shit so i just switch back to normal conversation. I tell her shes hot and that i think she’s 17. Im surprised when she tells me shes 24 and its her birthday( i try to go for birthday shots but i chode out half way……that would have been a good kiss close importunity but i was still stuck on blondy). When she told me she was 24 i was so surprised i didn’t notice it was like “oh i’m older then you” so when i say i’m 25 shes shocked and we both do a knowing nod of “we’re both hot huh?!” I know this is a hight so i say i will see her later.

Blondy is at the table and i get scolded a bit i think but we launch into talking and flirting for the first time that night. IT ALL LOOKS OK TO ME!

What happens next it worthy of a south American drama, i dance with the group a bit and i’m all goofy and dorky which  is new for me but then blondy is gone again so i take a chode to the 3 set and use him as a prop. The girl is into me for no reason whatsoever  and tells me to leave with them for a new club i say i cant and she understands and i take her mail account. I know blondy is at the bathroom and running 15 mins late…..i’m already mad but when i see that she is in the bar chodes arms and he is kissing her ear i snap, i know shes crying but i don’t give a dam, she is making a monkey out of me.  I see her try to kiss her and then say “BYEEEE!” then i’ve been told she burst into tears even worse….

What really happened with her: she went out with us 4 dudes in bar and her boyfriend who she sayd she hates saw us flirting and broke up with her, she then chased after him but he wouldn’t hear her. PEOPLE HAVE A TENDENCY TO CHASE BRAKING REPORT!!!!! She was fine inviting me to her dorm room, making out with me and being naked …..i blew a fuck close. I know i suck i’m not ready to tell you about it…..must learn more this is my new goul.

This shit is lost for sure! To bad it was a really hot girl with a strong sexual vibe. I know she might call me back, it happened before but it this blond haired little devil must be kept in check …..they all do from now on. I must also find out why i still feel that i love these easy girls……will make a post about what i think it is next

here it a picture of the girl i picked up. I cant muster  enough emotion for her, talked to her…. shes the relationship type, won’t pull on my cock in a week like blondy, i think……….i have no faith in my game do i? =)) ……yes she will man yes she will

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