fore-brain Vs. hind-brain

Why do i fall for easy(read slutty) girls? that’s what this is all about…me:)

Krauser (who is like god to me only with a strange accent) has a routine he uses on girls  he tells them that their fore-brain tells them he is bad for them but the hind-brain finds him dominant, and male, and desirable and that the fight is always going to be won by the hind-brain. This is basically NLP telling them its ok to like him but its also true.

I was using this routine on a girl when i was struck by the answer to all my questions: snaaaaaaaaap, that’s what my brain is doing.

fore-brain: she is bad, she will hurt you.

hind-brain: she is sexual, this is what you like, go for it.

who wins? :> hind-brain obviously! I just probably say to myself that shes nice it’s just my imagination, or that i’ll be alright just this once. and you know what i am getting more and more alright…..but thats not the point. SO, WHAT CAN YOU DO?…you,the reader if you are found in this spot. simple:

1. get experience, don’t just listen to your female friends saying shes a hore and let that be that. Go for what you want, its none of their business, they just want you to be a chode friend! You want your weaner sucked not talked to by girl friends. With time you will KNOW she’s not that hot and also not as dangerous as you saw her.(paul janka says he keeps the girls in a sort of anty-room if they are not behaving….this is sort of relevant)

2. Be her first choice, if you are not then you are in trouble. well not her first but at least her first then and there. Try to look good, her type if you can. Don’t chode about as well whining and bitching…..this is my problem:)

3.Be just as confidant about your sexuality as she is. How can you do that? Assanova was right! Most chicks just suck in bed, we men thin about this every second since we are 10 and watch the first porn movie. They don’t! They just brag and boast but in the end there are no porn stars in your local McDonald’s. You are just as good as they are no mater what they say.

4. Let her invest first.  Don’t go into it with expectations they don’t, they even joke about it. This is sort of a sticking point for me.

5. try to keep her in line and be a REALIST about what is happening please! don’t imagine your whole relationship together.

There is no reason you can’t have a relationship with them, i’m not talking about a trashy whore. They are most of the time ambitious brave girls with hobbies and hopes.

Don’t take my word for it.I still haven’t got it all straight

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One Response to fore-brain Vs. hind-brain

  1. Lushfun says:

    useful finally althought I liked the funny stuff too just didnt want to comment when u asked for it heh.

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