just watch this first:

This is my first post about feminism and douche-bags and whatnot. Just to make this clear, i dont side with the guy. I never lived my life like this but reading a lot of roissy’s blog….whell it’s starting to make sense.

First of all, if this is such a clinical procedure, why is the fatty allowed to bitch and whine so much. He didn’t steal the money from her, she gave it to him willingly. So why oh why does she play the emotional victim here? She full well knew she couldn’t keep him hanging around her on her looks. I mean just look at her!!!! i read a few of the comments and this one just jumped at me” Just admit she’s got meatier arms than Popeye!”…..so true.

The dude is stupid as well, he says that he doesn’t think he owes the money. That is his defense! I’m not one to talk, i don’t find it cool to take money from women and i wouldn’t touch her with a pole, but why oh why did you sign that shitty document if you didn’t think you owe  her that???? I bet he thought he was the shit listening to the new eminem album in his brand new truck….”yeah, i’m the shit” but you’re not my friend you don’t have her in check.

I love the bit at the end where her fat friend says “she’s an emotional wreck, he deserved it” yeah……that’s what it’s all about! The judge sympathized with her coz she played the victim, she got dumped so she deserves money, so what if he spent money on her fat worthless ass, she’s a woman and she deserves more.

All women deserve more right? Why is that? Because the world is 90% beta male(not saying that dudes an alpha) and some scrawny 120 pound man is going to get her flowers and buy her dinner later on. So what if shes fat an worthless, she has 1 pussy and 1 is more then the scrawny guy got so far? She sucked dick in collage but she’s changed now!

…..what a joke!

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