shit tests

i’ve just read an insteresting post on roissy’s blog:

The most liberating take-away from a few months of digesting the site, as well as some of the applied tips, is just not giving a shit anymore.

Ever since I’ve focused inward (on myself) as opposed to outward (on the fluttering pussy), my quality of life has exponentially increased, as has access to a variety of the aforementioned pussy.

There are also a few tricks I still need to play in order to get over the betaesque impulse to pedestalize and disqualify myself, but it’s becoming a lot more natural. For example:

1.) Any time I sense myself placing a would-be princess on a pedestal on account of her youthful charms and tight booty, I just picture her getting gang-banged with multiple cocks in every orifice – and loving it. This usually reboots me back to the driver’s seat of getting her panties wet to begin with. (I believe this was a commenter’s tip on a previous pots – hats off, sir!)

2.) Constantly reminding myself that they want to be the ones impressing me, and not the other way around. In a new crowd, divulge only necessary information and assert myself.

3.) Most importantly – never, ever be afraid to walk away to prove your worth. Classic DHV. The pussy is a dime a dozen, and not worth compromising yourself for. Just like the kitty, it always comes back, the very next day…

Cheers to you senor, as well as the community of well researched readers for keeping the goods coming!

I just loved the second one so much! Think about it, that’s what shit tests are fore, because beta males will put up with just about any number of flaws in a  woman so she is testing for that. If you truly want to be good with woman in an sort of alfa way just attack the flaws(coz she has them for shure) but in a playful manner so not to loose her.

“are you going to kiss me?”-you: i don’t think i want to coz….(playfully)

“i don’t think you are good enough for me” -you: i’m so sorry to have waisted your time princess

On a more philosofical note:

So i drew the conclusion  that shit tests are like self confidence in that they have 3 layers: the external, superficial one( the word and body language)  which you can fake to some extent by learning a lot of shit test. The second one, which is more like your social value, this is dictated by what your interactions normally are. And third is actual innergame. Sometimes you just don’t give a shit. These 3 layers cover each other and i believe just learning shit test won’t do, i’ve been called incongruent for this very fact.

I don’t think this is a very good conclusion though

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